Wandering Winds

& Soulseeker Healing


Higher Self Healing

Please note: services are currently on limited basis. Please visit patreon here.

Tarot Readings and Divination Services

  • Holistic Tarot Readings
  • Oracle Readings
  • Runes, Casting, Pendulum Readings
  • Tasseomancy (Tea Leaf Readings)
  • Candle Readings
  • Numerology
  • Reiki Channeled Messages

Frequency Therapies

  • Solfeggio Frequency Healing Therapy
  • Planetary Frequency Attunements
  • Color Emersion Therapy
  • Frequency Sound/Rifing Therapy

Astrological Services

  • Natal Chart Interpretation
  • Couple’s Synastry Readings
  • Ancestral Astrology
  • Transitory Astrology

Reiki Services

  • Reiki Healing Therapy
  • Reiki Guided Meditation
  • Crystal Therapy & Chakra Alignments

Guided Meditation & Hypnosis

  • Quantum Hypnosis Therapy
  • Past Life Regression


  • Tarot/Oracle/Astrology, 90 minute sessions: $125
  • Reiki & Frequency Therapy, 60 minute sessions: $85
  • Past Life Regressions & Quantum Hypnosis Sessions are 5-6 hours and begin at 12pm until 5-6pm. Cost is $450 with a *$100 deposit.
  • NOTE: Travel fees will apply when necessary. Special location rates will apply when booked though a third party.

Please be aware, there is a $25 deposit required for all bookings (with the exception of Past Life Regressions and Quantum Hypnosis, which require a $100 deposit) that will be applied to the cost of your session. This deposite is not refundable but is transferable one time with 48 hours notice from the time of your booking if the booking is rescheduled.