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One of the things I enjoy very much is teaching others on the topics close to my heart. I have over a decade of teaching experience and curriculum development and have facilitated workshops and classes on my own and as part of a group leadership. These have ranged from single event workshops to ongoing course classes with in depth study. Below I have included a list of topics I’ve previously shared on. I also welcome new inquiries as research and sharing is one of my key strengths.

Personal Development & Skill Share Workshops

Universal Vibrations- Learn the fundamentals of vibrational frequency and how to apply them to heal the body, influence your surroundings, manifest your will and fill your life with harmony.

Activating Your Third Eye– Learn how to activate your pineal gland and access the full potential of the mind. This workshop includes exercises and modalities that can be used to stimulate the third eye.

The Wheel of the Year– In this workshop we will come to understand the influence of the Mother Earth and how to use the change of season to identify and connect with the ego, advance personal development and amplify manifestation.

Metaphysical Psychology of Color– From the clothes we wear to the color we choose to paint our home, color has incredible influence on the life we lead. This workshop explores the effect color has on the mind/body/spirit connection and how we can use our surroundings to further healthy habits and development.

12 Steps to Enlightenment– The Twelve Steps of Recovery are generally only thought of as the basis for recovery from addiction, however, the principals on which they are founded apply to every aspect of life when approached from the perspective of using them for personal development. The mindsets, habits, and beliefs that accompany addiction are also found in the negative patterns, toxic mindsets and self-imposed hurdles we experience in everyday life. In this workshop we explore the value of the 12 Step System and how to apply it to the full spectrum of living for personal growth and development.


Introduction to Reiki– An overview of what Reiki is, its culture and history, the various ways in which Reiki can be performed and the benefits of receiving Reiki.

Reiki I– Level 1 Reiki training classes are an introduction to the ways of reiki, history of reiki, the reiki principals and techniques for channeling the universal source energy for yourself. This class concludes with your level 1 reiki attunement.

Reiki II– In level 2 Reiki you will learn the three level 2 Reiki symbols and how to use them in application to yourself and others. With this level you will receive training on how to work with others and receive deeper knowledge and understanding of the universal Reiki energy. This class will conclude with the level 2 Reiki attunement. Level 1 must be completed before Level 2 training can be taken.

Reiki III, Master Level- This level 3 Master Level class is held on an individual basis at this time. Level 3 training teaches use of the remaining reiki symbols, techniques for level 1 & 2 attunements and your level 3 attunement.


Chakras 101– An introduction to the 7 basic chakras plus 2 additional chakras, the parts of the body and aspects of our lives they control, how to recognize when they’re out of sync, balance and activate each chakra and use their energy to create balance in your life. In this class we will also touch on chakra manifestation techniques.

Chakra Explorations– Designed to provide full understanding of the potential of having healthy chakras and the influence they have on our lives. This is part series dedicating each session to a particular chakra that explores all aspects of that chakra.


Crystals 101– Introduction to using crystals for enhancing your health, healing the energy body, creating harmony and a sense of wellbeing in your life and balance negativity caused by outside sources in your surroundings. We will cover basic crystal correspondences, method of use, crystal safety and the benefits of crystal meditations.

Crystal Grids– Using the power of crystals to build and direct energy, create harmonious space and manifest intentions.

Crystal Divination– this covers various ways crystals can be used to access our intuition and receive messages from the universe. For this workshop participants will want to bring any crystals they currently work with or have an interest in further connecting with.


Tesseomancy– The art of divining messages from tea leaves became popular as a form of parlor divination in the Victorian era. This is a great and discrete method to use in daily self-divination, in ceremony or in a group for others. Learn this highly intuitive practice in a relaxed and casual setting, tea biscuits included!

Casting– This is a tradition that dates back to ancient times where the casting of sticks, bones, crystals, charms, shells, dice and other items on to the ground or a surface was used to divine messages from the universe. This method has been used by shamans, priests and priestesses as well as a form of individual practice.

Numerology– Numerology can be applied to almost every facet of life. Far beyond a birth number or life path, numbers and mathematics are the universal language of the cosmos. Uncover the hidden messages held within the universe and the many ways you can apply fundamental techniques to fine alignment in the world around you.

Pendulum Divination-Pendulums have been uses for far more than just keeping time over the millennia. Their movement, in unison with the natural rotation of the earth, is perfectly aligned with the frequency of the universe in which we live.  Discover how to recognize their messages and utilize their power to direct your personal intention and align with the vibration of the universe.

Oracle & Angel Cards– The beautiful thing about angel and oracle cards is that there I no prior knowledge of any systems or particular backgrounds needed to be able to read these types of cards. They are purely intuitive and anyone can receive their messages. In this session we will explore the various types of oracles available and how they can be used to enhance inner exploration, understanding situations and circumstances we are faced with and seeking clarity in the world around us.

Tapping Into Your Intuition– Understand the vibration of the universe and the many ways in which it communicates. In this session we will discuss universal language, symbolism, personal intuition as well as multiple modalities that anyone can use.

Metaphysical Workshops

Fundamental Magick: Basics of Witchcraft– The word witchcraft is gravely misunderstood, even taboo in some circles. In simple terms it is the use of purposeful and symbolic actions with intent to align with a particular outcome. Otherwise known as manifestation. Long associated with only pagan and so called “heathen” traditions, witchcraft is not at all what it was once portrayed to be. If you’ve ever said a prayer, wished upon a star or blown out candles on a birthday cake and made a wish, you’ve practiced a form of witchcraft.

In this workshop you will learn the realities witchcraft, the ideology of the craft and its evolution throughout the millennia and the fundamentals upon which it is based. Basic manifestation techniques and simple practices everyone can have success with will be explored in this workshop.

Elemental Magick– In this workshop we explore the power within the elements and learn techniques to use each of these to manifest your desires.

Candle Magick– This workshop teaches the basics of candle magick and how to use the power of the flame to set your intention and manifest your wishes.

Herbal Craft– In this workshop you will learn of various common herbs used in manifestation as well as the fundamentals use in healing and manifestation. Create powders, potions, elixirs, tinctures, sachets, pillows and more.

Mojo Rising: Mojo Bag Workshop- Mojo bags are made for many reasons and go by just as many names, Putsi bags, conjure bags and medicine bags just to name a few. Learn to create your own set with your own individual intention for protection, fertility, health, stamina, love, prosperity or whatever your heart desires.

Moon Magick– The Moon is the ruler of the sea and our emotions. Its compassion and nurturing energy connects with our subconscious and allows us to access the deep recesses of the mind. In this workshop we will explore the energies of the moon and learn how to use the phases and its positions to enhance particular energies for manifestation. This workshop will also contain an introduction to astrological magick.

Astrological Magick– The use of astrology in magic is an ancient and popular practice. This workshop is at an intermediate level and requires a basic-intermediate understanding of astrology.  In this session we will discuss the role astrology has in our manifestation and ways we can harness the power of the skies.

Course Curriculums

In Depth Study of the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot

Beginners Intro To The Tarot

Introduction to The Rider Waite– Tarot basics: structure, elements, suits, systems, symbolism, numerology and more. This is a basic introduction to the cards. We’ll discuss the realities of the tarot and debunk some common misconceptions.

Introduction To Spreads– This session covers basic spreads, doing readings for yourself, keeping your tarot journal, tracking your readings and recognizing life in the cards.

The Fools Journey– In this session we’ll be exploring the archetypes of the tarot and the evolution of the soul through the stages of the Fool’s journey with an in depth study of the major arcana.

The Story of the Tarot– Understanding the tarot as a whole and the story within the suits is crucial to gaining clear insights on a regular basis in your readings. In this session we will take an in depth look at the minor arcana with special focus on the stories they tell and an introduction to the numerology of the cards.

Intermediate Tarot

Who’s Who in the Tarot– An in depth look at the court cards and all they behold. More than just a name, the courts hold vast insight to situations, intention and the world around you.

Making Sense– It’s one thing to know the meanings but we must become proficient at putting it all together and learn how to relate the messages we receive to real life. In this session we will take a practical approach to the application of the cards and the messages they provide to real life situations and circumstances.

Reading Combination– The cards themselves hold an amazing amount of mystery, each with it’s own story and energy. When read as a whole the cards take on a new life and learning to combine the cards to uncover their true and deeper meaning is essential to becoming a seasoned tarot reader.

The Celtic Cross Inside Out– Exploring the cross like you’ve never seen before. The Celtic Cross has many alternatives to this traditional yet highly potent spread. In this session we will explore the positions of this spread as well as their relation to one another.

Advanced Tarot

Symbolism of the Rider Waite Smith– Understanding the secret language of the RWS system allows for deeper meaning in your readings and adds layers upon layers of meaning to each of the cards. By learning the language of the tarot you unlock deeper understanding of the message the cards contain.

Astrology of the Tarot-The tarot is a complex system and carries associations throughout many of the ancient esoteric sciences. Every card has an astrological association and when we incorporate these associations into out readings we uncover yet another layer of meaning and understanding. In the session we will explore the astrology of the tarot and how it is used in practical application.

Tarot and the Kabbalah– Understanding the ancient Hebrew influences hidden within the tarot

Advanced Numerology of the Tarot– This session applies advanced numerology to the tarot and provided additional insights to each reading.

Popular Spreads and Creating Your Own Spreads– Making your own spreads. Determining what your reading requires and free flow readings.

The Tree of Life– The TOL helps us to understand our place in the world and the relationship between ourselves and the universe. This spread clarifies the evolution of the soul and allows us to find clarity in our quest for karmic achievement.

Rahdu’s Wheel– Exploring the purpose and journey of the soul with this immense 78 card spread. ADVANCED TAROT STUDENTS ONLY

Personal Exploration with Tarot

Exploring Your Birth Cards– Understanding how your birth cards effect your life, how to overcome their limits and achieve their ultimate potential.

Your Natal Placements in the Cards– In this workshop we use your individual natal chart to create a one of a kind spread that expresses your truest self.

Additional Studies

Relating your RWS- understanding the variations of the RWS system. In this workshop we will use various decks following the RWS system to explore the meanings and symbolism through the eyes of each artist.

Exploring the Tarot De Marseille– Discover the history, beauty and tradition of this 14th century creation. We will also touch on other variations of the tarot systems.

A Study of Western Astrology

Introductory Astrology

Intro to Astrology I– Understanding the basics of the zodiac. In this session we will cover the signs and, elements & modes of the zodiac.

Intro to Astrology II– Part two expands upon the energies of the zodiac with a study of the planets, houses and the relationship between it all.

Intro to Astrology III– Let’s go deeper into the chart with decans & degrees and put the chart in motion by looking as aspects, rising signs and an introduction to your natal chart.

Intermediate Astrology

Natal Charts– Your natal chart is your personal astrological thumbprint mapping the planets and their positions in the sky the moment you were born. These positions hold significant influence on the life you lead, choices you make and the personality you develop. Learn how to approach your personal natal chart for understanding of your core identity.

Relationship Astrology– By using Synastry to find compatibility between charts you will learn how to find compatibility with others, overcome obstacles and make the best of every relationship.

The Sky as it is– Learn to interpret the current sky and how to apply it to your personal natal chart gaining understanding of the universal energies and how they apply to you as an individual.

Advanced Astrology

Advanced aspects– Explore further aspects found between the planets and astrological bodies and dive deep beyond the basics of western astrology.

Asteroids & Stars– Discover influential stars, asteroids and additional bodies within the chart.

Additional Studies

Overcoming Karma– a Study of the nodes.

Planetary Mythology– The story of Gods in the sky.

Body & Aspect Study– In depth studies of individual bodies and complicated aspects. These are held in individual classes.

Guided Group & Private Meditations

Chakra Meditation– Chakra meditations take us through the chakras with the intention of balancing and aligning each chakra energy point so that we can experience proper energy flow throughout the body.

Frequency Sound Meditation– uses chakra correspondences and solfeggio frequency to aid in clearing blockages, setting intentions, balancing the energy body and provide healing to the mind/body/spirit connection. This includes Gamma Meditations– Releasing the ego for optimal manifestation potential.

Singing Bowl Meditation– Singing bowls provide trance inducing vibrations and activate certain vibrations that align with the chakras to align the energy body for balance and a sense of wellbeing.

Full & New Moon Meditation– These meditations use the phase, position and aspects of the moon to align us with the cycle of Mother Earth so that we may find ourselves in alignment the universe around us. These meditations aid in promoting the stages of personal growth in conjunction with the cycle of the year and use the natural order of the seasons to explore the conscious and subconscious.

Retrograde Meditation– These meditations are useful for finding purpose during difficult planetary retrogrades and allow us to understand the lessons the universe has for us during this time of reflection.

Akashic Record Meditation– These meditations take us deep within the subconscious and aid us in accessing the universal akasha to gain wisdom and insight from the universe.

Shamanic Drum Meditation– The beat of the drum is the connection between the beat of the human heart and the pulse of Mother Earth. It is the connection between all things. Shamanic drum meditation allows us to access the subconscious and connect with the universe for a personal journey inward.

Please note that classes, courses and workshops can be customized to the needs of any orginization and are also offered on privately as part of a personal coaching program.