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Amy Dee, Soulseeker

My name is Amy Dougherty. My spiritual journey began as a child where I grew up within the structure of the church . I always had an innate sense of connection with the Divine power in my life although struggled to fully understand the source of this energy at such a young age. In the early 90’s, my journey to understand my personal connection to God as I knew him began. I spent many years studying the religions of the world, ancient philosophy, the metaphysical universe as well as the ways in which that universe communicates with us. I do believe I have come to know a divinity that guides us, loves us and protects us. Still years later, I continue to work towards a greater connection to Spirit and work toward helping others come to know the infinite love the universe holds.

My work is geared to help others come to their own spiritual understanding so that they too may feel the peace and love that comes with being connected with Divine Source. I am a proponent of spiritual growth and sel-exploration. I work toward aiding others in understanding and overcoming mental, emotional and karmic hurdles in order to achieve clarity, direction, peace, and harmony. I continue my studies in psychology & spiritual growth and counseling and explore new facets of the world within and without.

I am a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified in Beyond Quantum Healing & Hypnosis, Spiritual Life Coaching and am a Certified Meditation Coach & Teacher. I have training in the practice of Crystal Energy Healing, Quantum Touch, Rifing and Biofield Frequency Therapies including the use of sound, light, color and vocal frequencies including the use of light language.

Areas of personal interest and study include manifestation and the poser of the mind, Hebrew philosophy including Christianity, Catholicism and Kabbalah, Pagan Philosophy & Practice, Yoga and Hindu Traditions, spirit animals and animal messages, divination in various forms including tarot & oracle, astrology, channeled messages, futhark Runes, casting, tasseomancy (reading of tea leaves), candle readings, pendulum, dowsing and numerology.

I have extensive experience in teaching and lecturing in all topics you see above. For a complete list of previously hosted classes, workshops and full course offerings click here.

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